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Micro Servo Data Collection, Parameter Identification, and Modeling: Parts 1-4

Introduction Finding good information on low-cost servos is difficult. In the next articles, I will describe my informal journey finding and identifying the motor parameters for a SG90 9-gram servo motor.

    Adjusting Gait Timing with an ESP32-based Web Framework in MicroPython

    I have been working on this for a while… For the past two Summers I have been teaching a summer camp about “foldable robots”; I teach kids how to make mechanisms with folded cardboard and paper.

    Simulating Spherical Mechanisms in MuJoCo

    Introduction The purpose of this example is to show how easy it is to create spherical mechanisms in MuJoCo.

      Two new videos

      I have created two new tutorial videos for modeling complex 3D kinematics in CAD.

        Quaternion Tutorials

        I am adding a module on quaternions to my flexible robotics class, and am pretty happy with the way it is turning out.

          Demonstrating Unicast in ROS2 with CycloneDDS

          Switching from ROS2’s multicast default to unicast can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re testing.

          Flexible Robotics, Mujoco, and Visas

          I arrived at Bilkent University this week, and immediately jumped in to course creation with Onur Ozcan.

            Mujoco Updates

            This week I’ve been learning MuJoCo and have some informal things to share about what I’ve learned so far^[I’m talking about the python interface in this article.

              Updates on MuJoCo

              Installing mujoco on linux with anaconda is not well documented. I’ve gotten an install to work, and finally without many of the hacks recommended around the web.

                Microdot Updates

                I’m slowly trying to merge some existing servo code with a micro web framework called microdot in order to be able to encode “gait” parameters from a webpage on an ESP32.