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Demonstrating Unicast in ROS2 with CycloneDDS

Switching from ROS2’s multicast default to unicast can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re testing.

Flexible Robotics, Mujoco, and Visas

I arrived at Bilkent University this week, and immediately jumped in to course creation with Onur Ozcan.

    Mujoco Updates

    This week I’ve been learning MuJoCo and have some informal things to share about what I’ve learned so far^[I’m talking about the python interface in this article.

      Updates on MuJoCo

      Installing mujoco on linux with anaconda is not well documented. I’ve gotten an install to work, and finally without many of the hacks recommended around the web.

        Microdot Updates

        I’m slowly trying to merge some existing servo code with a micro web framework called microdot in order to be able to encode “gait” parameters from a webpage on an ESP32.

          Servo Comparison

          When I’m developing a course or camp, I often don’t have time to do in-depth research on parts or to pre-order multiple rounds of test parts in order to properly research what I need.

            First Post

            The idea of this section of my website is to document some of my daily work during my sabbatical year and hopefully onward.