Install Common Tools

This assumes you installed a “minimal” version of Ubuntu apt packages first Update your software first

Installing, Running, and Using RosBridge

Introduction This section describes installing RosBridge, which is useful for communicating to devices which do not have ROS installed (like windows machines with custom drivers)

05-Conda Install

Install Latest Anaconda / Miniconda Windows Linux 64-bit Miniconda 64-bit Miniconda Linux Install cd ~/Downloads wget https://repo.

06-Install and Setup git

Git Git is the command line program for interacting with a git repository

Clone and Setup Custom Workspace

Steps Install prerequisites sudo apt install ros-melodic-joy sudo apt install python3-numpy Install libnifalcon (instructions in Falcon tutorial)

Creating a new package

Create a new package bash cd ~/code/code_idealab_ros/src/ catkin_create_pkg thorlabs_linear_actuator std_msgs rospy roscpp cd ~/code/code_idealab_ros/ catkin_make Find package dependencies:

Create a new message

Steps Create Message roscd thorlabs_linear_actuator/ mkdir msg cd msg nano write.

Creating Scripts

Steps see https://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials/CustomMessagePublisherSubscriber(python) for details on how to customize create the scripts directory and pull talker and listener examples

Install and Setup SSH

Basic Steps Make a new directory for holding keys mkdir ~/keys Decrypt your current keys

Using the Mark-10

prep the host machine in a virtualbox environment Download and install drivers from the mark 10 website