01-Installation Notes

Introduction These notes are from memory, so they may be out of order.

Linux / Bash Cheatsheet

Collected commands, tips, and tricks for working headless in Ubuntu


Introduction The purpose of this project is to document our implementation of ROS and teach lab members how to use it for a number of purposes specific to the activities of a robotics lab like the IDEAlab.

SSH General Reference

The most useful SSH-specific commands

02-Import Keys

Install and Setup Install gnupg, nautilus integration (seahorse), and restart nautilus

GPG Reference

List gpg keys gpg –list-keys gpg –list-secret-keys prints out ids

03-Install and Setup rclone

Install rclone sudo apt install -y curl curl https://rclone.

04-Install Common Tools

Install common tools I’ve lumped these all together to be able to run it more efficiently.

05-Conda Install

Install Latest Anaconda / Miniconda Windows Linux 64-bit Miniconda 64-bit Miniconda Linux Install cd ~/Downloads wget https://repo.

06-Install and Setup git

Git Git is the command line program for interacting with a git repository