ESP32 Notes

Example Projects External Links Official MicroPython Page Product Comparison https://johnmu.

05-Conda Install

Install Latest Anaconda / Miniconda Windows Linux 64-bit Miniconda 64-bit Miniconda Linux Install cd ~/Downloads wget https://repo.

15-Post-Install Miscellaneous Steps

Tweaking the GUI Open “Extensions” and turn off desktop icons Update Environment Variables Add folders to PATH and PYTHONPATH Power Options https://fostips.

Django Development Workflow

Derived from here cd websites django-admin startproject murdermystery cd murdermystery python3 manage.

Blogger Extractor

A nice little package for exporting your blogger site to markdown.

Configuring Atom for Python

Activate whatever conda environment you need to activate <environmentname> Install packages for atom


A nice little program that can change capitalization. Includes installer.

Empty QT5 GUI

A nice little empty python package for developing qt5 guis, with installer setup file.