GPG Reference

List gpg keys

gpg --list-keys
gpg --list-secret-keys

prints out ids

delete gpg secret keys

gpg --delete-secret-keys KEYIDFROMABOVE
gpg --delete-keys KEYIDFROMABOVE


gpg --output /my/path/to/output_file.ext --decrypt /my/encrypted/source/file.gpg

importing and trusting keys

gpg –list-keys or gpg -K

copy the <KEY_ID>

gpg –edit-key <KEY_ID>

gpg> trust

1 = I don’t know or won’t say 2 = I do NOT trust 3 = I trust marginally 4 = I trust fully 5 = I trust ultimately m = back to the main menu

select 5

encrypt without passphrase dialog

gpg –encrypt –passphrase-file </path/to/passphrase> –sign -r <who_to_sign_for> </path/to/file/to/encrypt>

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