NoIP Client Configuration

To Make and Install the Client Go to noip’s dynamic update client for ubuntu (noip2)

    Orange Pi Zero2 Information

    Introduction Note: the most important and helpful resource is the manual, which is available here.

    overleaf projects

    when making a new overleaf project: integrate with github by creating a new repositoiry.

    Python / Conda Intro

    Python Python Installing Anaconda Packages 64-bit Linux Libraries Numpy Scipy Matplotlib Sympy Pandas Jupyter Other Notable Packages subprocess multiprocessing yaml opencv pytorch pyqt pyqtgraph pyserial Conda conda list Conda Environments Create, List, and Destroy conda create –name <env name> conda info –envs conda remove –name <env name> –all conda activate <env name> conda deactivate conda activate <env name> conda env export > environment.

      quick scripts for openscad

      color("red",1) import("path/to/your-part.stl"); flatpak run org.openscad.OpenSCAD -o test.png –projection orthogonal test.scad with camera orientation but no scaling

        RDP to another computer

        Derived from here sudo apt update sudo apt install xrdp sudo systemctl enable –now xrdp sudo ufw allow from any to any port 3389 proto tcp sudo service xrdp enable sudo service xrdp start open remmina