Nextcloud Installation

Prerequisites sudo apt install openssh-server net-tools Install

QR Code Tools

modified from this site Installing sudo apt install -y qrencode #encoding tools sudo apt install -y zbar-tools # decoding tools sudo apt install -y qtqr #graphical encoder Terminal Encoding qrencode -o webURL.

Run scripts remotely over ssh with tmux

Basic Functionality To get the same functionality as explained in the answer recommending screen, you would need to do the following:

Setting up Bitwarden

Introduction derived from this link Steps Download python -mwebbrowser "" Icon download this file:

Useful Pandoc Commands

Get Current Templates pandoc –print-default-template=markdown > pandoc –print-default-template=latex>pandoc-template.tex simple markdown to pdf pandoc input-file.

Windows VirtualBox Install Process

Install Update Remove Unused Programs Turn off hibernation powercfg.

Working with USB devices

Identifying and locating USB devices These widely used commands can be used to list and learn about connected USB devices in Linux.

Youtube-dl Quickstart

Find out the formats youtube-dl -F <address> Specify the format code youtube-dl -f <formatcode> <address>

Building PyBullet

sudo apt install cmake-curses-gui cd ~/Downloads git clone cd bullet3 ccmake .

Clone Windows to Virtual Machine

From here: The DMI data VirtualBox provides to guests can be changed for a specific VM.